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We have a passion for cricket. The excitement of betting only makes it better.
bet cricket onlineOur team has over 10 years experience betting cricket online. We know what to look for when it comes to finding the best cricket betting sites. Not just sites that offer IPL betting or other tournaments, but quality sites that you can trust to deposit with and find fair odds.
We also have guides that help you learn how to bet on cricket and how to deposit.
For those from India, see our guide for India cricket betting.
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Top 3 Cricket Betting Sites


betway logo
  • Our favorite overall betting site
  • Accepts Indian Rupees (₹)
  • Excellent cricket options

New Customers Only. 18+. T&Cs Apply


Countries Accepted:
UK, India

Currencies Accepted:

Deposit Options:


10cric cricket india
  • ONLY accepts Indian customers
  • Our favorite betting site for India
  • Accepts Indian Rupees (₹)
  • Excellent cricket options

New Customers Only. 18+. T&Cs Apply


Countries Accepted:  
India ONLY

Currencies Accepted:

Deposit Options:

Popular Deposit Options

The best deposit option to use really depends on where you are. For those from the UK, credit cards are reliable, fast and easy. However, for those living in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan or other countries with banking restrictions, credit cards can be difficult to use.

For those who find it difficult to deposit with credit cards, we have some suggestions below.


E-wallets are one of our top two suggestions when it comes to depositing for cricket betting, in fact – it’s a great option for withdrawals as well. 

Of the ewallet options, there are two options we trust, use, and recommend – Neteller & Skrill.  

Neteller was established in 1999 and is one of the largest e-wallets on the planet with 23 million+ customers. Neteller processes billions of transactions a year and is a fast, simple, and secure way to bet cricket online.  

Learn more about Neteller.

Skrill is a “go-to” alternative to Neteller, and while it operates as a separate brand, is actually owned by same company that owns Neteller. So naturally we trust Skrill for deposits and withdrawals.

Our second suggestion for deposit options is Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Learn more about Skrill.


Bitcoin is becoming one of the most popular deposit options across the global, especially in India, Bangladesh, and any other area that has limiting banking restrictions.  

10Cric and Bodog are two of the best web based sportsbooks to deposit and withdrawl using bitcoin

Popular Cricket Tournaments

ICC World Test Championship (Intl) – NEW. First tournament 2019 Aug

T20 World Cup (Intl) – Every 2-4 years. Last played 2016. Next 2020 (Oct – Nov)

ICC Champions Trophy (Intl)  – Every 4 years. Last played 2017. Next Match 2021

ICC Cricket World Cup (Intl) – Every 4 years. Last played 2019. Next Match 2023

Indian Premier League or IPL (INDIA) – Annual. April to May

Ashes Series (Aus vs England) – Every 1 to 2 years. Last played 2017. Next 2019 (Aug)

Border-Gavaskar Trophy (India vs Australia) – Annual. Last played Dec 2018. Next fall/winter 2019

Asia Cup – Every 2 years. Last 2018. Next 2020

Big Bash League AKA KFC T20 Big Bash League or BBL (Australia) – Annual. Dec to Feb

Pakistan Super League – Annual. Feb to March

Caribbean Premier League AKA Caribbean T20 League or CPL or CPLT20 or Hero CPL – Annual. Aug – Sept

ICC Cricket World Cup Super League – May 2020 – Mar 2022, will be part of the qualification process for the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

Regional Four Day Competition – Annual. Oct – Jan. Last played 2018. First-class cricket competition countries in the West Indies.

Live cricket betting

Live cricket betting is amazing! Wagering on cricket is exciting on its own, but betting on live cricket matches takes it to the next level. I must say it isn’t for everyone. It is fast paced and brings you to the edge of your seat at all points of the match. 
I still like traditional match betting, but in-play betting allows you to stay in the action the entire match
The examples below are from Betway.com, who offers a solid selection of in-play cricket bets. As you can see, they even offer bets from the Tamil Nadu Premier League.

example of betway live bet

Short list of live betting options:

Match Winner 2-Way: This is similar to an outright win bet, but you can place the bet during the match. The odds change during the game, allowing you to make several match winner bets as the game progresses. 

live match winner example

Tip: This bet is great way to lock in profit by placing a bet against your original bet as a hedge. For example, if you place a bet on Team A outright win at odds of 3.0, and during the match Team A gains a big lead, you can place a bet on Team B to lock in profit no matter which team wins the match.

X Over, Team – Runs (Over/Under): A bet on the whether a particular team will score over or under a certain number of runs in the X over.

example x over run live bet

Method of Dismissal 6-Way: This allows you to be on 6 options for the next dismissal.

Learn how to bet cricket online

We remember what it was like the first time we wanted to start betting cricket. We had no idea where to start – Where to find the best bookmaker, how to make a deposit, or how to place a bet. We have put together a few guides to help you get started.

How to Bet on Cricket

This walk through is perfect for the beginner. It shows you:
  1. How to choose a sports betting site
  2. Decide which deposit option is best for you
  3. How to make a deposit
  4. How to place your first bet. 

How to Deposit

After using our rankings of each site and detailed reviews to help you choose the best site that fits your needs, and after signing up, the next step is to deposit funds to your player account. 
The process to deposit can be completed in a simple 3 steps. 
  1. Navigate to the Banking Options section 
    1. This section is either accessible right on sign up account recreation or along the main menu bar
  2. Choose your preferred cricket deposit option
    1. We recommend either Neteller or Bitcoin
  3. Enter the amount of money you would like to deposit
    1. Note the currency, such as INR, GBP, EUR, USD, and others
    2. Funds are typically available instantly, especially when depositing with ewallets or bitcoin. 
    3. There is typically a minimum deposit amount, but it’s usually pretty low.
    4. Our suggested bookmakers do not charge fees for deposits.  
If you are having trouble with depositing, this guide will explain the best deposit options and show you how to make a deposit with real money.

Full Cricket Betting Guide (Coming Soon – Complete with Tips, Odds, and much more!)

This guide will hep to explain the ins and outs of cricket betting. It starts with the fundamentals of betting and progresses to more advanced instruction on how to find profitable bets

Types of Cricket Bets

Our passion for cricket only increases with the excitement of all the different types of bets.  Our complete cricket betting will offer more detail, but we wanted to take you through some of the common bets and then some of the more popular team and individual player bets now. 

Common Cricket Bets

  • Match Winner: very basic bet; the goal is to correctly choose the winner of an individual match. These type of bets can be placed on single match formats or single matches within a tournament or series. 
  • Outright Winner / Tournament Winner: a popular bet type deals with correctly choosing the team that will win not just a single match, but the whole tournament.  These type of cricket bets are for tournaments like Cricket World Cup, World Twenty20, ICC Champions, and others. 
  • Series Winner: similar to the tournament winner, this is for betting on a series, like the Ashes.  You are picking the winner of a 3 or 5 game series. 
  • Draw No Bet: is an interesting bet that allows you to bet on the possibility of the match ending in a tie. 

Common Cricket Team Bets

  • Toss Winner: simply put, you are wagering on who wins the coin toss at the start of the cricket match. It does not have anything to do with which team actually wins the match, series, or tournament. (Very fun bet) 
  • Match Score: This is a popular bet where you bet on total number of runs scored by a team at the end of a single cricket match. 
  • Most Match Sixes: cricket bettors in this market wager on which team will hit the most sixes in a given match. (sixes are when a shot touches the boundary or passes without rolling or bouncing.)
  • Most Runs Out: this type of bet is where you are looking for the team that gets the most runs-out in the cricket match. 

Common Cricket Player Bets

  • Man of the Match: a bet on which player has the best performance of the match and selected for this award.  (Quick tip, it’s normally voted to a player from the winning team and more likely a batsman, unless a bowler had a really great match.)
  • Top Batsman: this basic cricket bet is where you are predicting which batsman will produce the most runs in a match. Note: both team’s batsmen will be considered. This bet can be wagered for a single match, or for overall top batsman in a series. 
  • Team of Top Batsman: this bet in this market is similar to the Top Batsman, however you pick a specific team and then you are looking for the top batsman with the most runs in the cricket match on that specific cricket team.
  • Top Bowler:  in this cricket market you are wagering on which bowler will have the highest number of wickets in either a single match or series. 
  • Top Team Bowler: punters choose which bowler will have the most wickets taken for his team. (if there happens to be a tie with two or more bowlers having the same number of wickets the winner goes to the one with the lowest number of runs allowed.) 

Live Cricket Bets

  • Runs Off Next Ball: in-play betting allows for this exciting options where you are wagering on the plays ball after ball. 
  • Method of Dismissal: another in play betting option where you can wager on how the cricket player will be dismissed. (Typically: Caught, Run Out, Bowled, LBW, Stumped, or Any Other)

Cricket Betting Odds

What are cricket odds & how do they work? 

They are important questions to ask before you bet cricket, we get both questions often from our readers.  At first odds can seem overwhelming, but we are here to help make your experience a little easier with the below explanation.  

What are betting odds for cricket? 

Betting odds try to show the likelihood of a certain outcome happening in the future.  Betting odds also show you the likelihood of outcome for your bet.  

For example, let’s take a test match between India and Bangladesh, where the odds that India will win are listed at “1.60”.  

In other words, the chances of India winning is 1/1.6 = 62.5%

How do cricket odds work? 

In the above example, let’s go ahead and say you bet on a betting market for this cricket match.  You choose India to win against Bangladesh. 

If you wagered 1,000 rupees on India to win, you would get 1,600 rupees if India wins against Bangladesh.  That’s your 1,000 rupees plus the winnings of 600 rupees. 

Bet Amount x Odds equal Payout 

1,000 Rupees x 1.6 Betting Odds = 1,600 Payout

Types of Cricket Odds

Odds are presented a few different ways but they all ultimately mean the same thing. 

Two of the most common odds for cricket is fractional and decimal

We’ll get into an introduction of fractional odds and decimal odds, but know that each of our recommended cricket betting sites allow you to view cricket betting odds in your preferred way. 

Fractional Odds 

  • Fractional odds is the original and most common way betting odds are expressed. Fractional uses two columns that is separated by a “/”. The left column shows the amount you would win and the right column shows how much you wagered. 

Decimal Odds 

  • Decimal odds is the newer way the odds are displayed and are easy to figure out. The decimal odds is the example we went over earlier in this article.  If you bet 1,000 rupees and odds are 1.60; then you would get 1,600 if you win your bet. 
  • Important difference between Fractional and Decimal odds are that with Decimal it includes your wager amount in “total payout”. 

Cricket Betting Tips

Our free full guide goes into much more detail and number of cricket betting tips, but we want to highlight some basic cricket betting tips below.  

  • Know where the cricket tournament is being played
    • Review how home teams have performed (for example, England has been very tough to beat at home lately)
    • Review how away teams have performed at a particular location (or how they performed playing away overall.
    • Use this information for not only match/tournament winners, but for cricket bets such as Top Batsman or Top Bowler for the overall tournament, as the players who go deeper into the tournament have better odds of winning the bet.  


What should I look for in a cricket betting site?

You should look for 4 things in an online bookmaker:

  1. Trustworthiness
  2. Banking Options
  3. Betting Selection
  4. Customer Service

How do I bet on cricket online?

Cricket betting is an overall simple process, the hardest part is really just getting started.  We try and make things easy with our betting site reviews, deposit option information, and tips.  

The 4 main steps to start betting cricket online is:

  1. Use our betting site scoring system and detailed reviews to find the best site for you to wager on cricket.
  2. Create an account at one of our recommended cricket betting sites and earn a welcome bonus.
  3. Review our recommended deposit options and deposit money into your player account
  4. Place a cricket bet and have fun.

Detailed information can be found in our exclusive how to bet on cricket page. 

How to bet on Live Cricket matches?

All of our recommended sportsbooks offer gambling on live cricket matches. In order to take advantage of this offer, when you log into your favorite cricket site there will be a “Live” or “In-Play” button for your to click on and set up your wager. 

In play betting is extremely fun, there are exciting cricket bets such as Runs Off Next Ball and Method of Dismissal.

Are there any sites you recommend following for cricket betting tips an updates?

There are several awesome sources when it comes to keeping up to date with the latest in cricket betting, including match overviews, player updates and more.







Can I sign-up with more than one sportsbook?

Yes, you can sign up for more than one cricket betting site. In fact, we recommend having accounts at least 2 cricket sites. This allows you to take advantage of the best odds for a particular match, as well as take advantage of the best promotions available. 

Can I bet on cricket with my mobile phone?

All of our recommended cricket betting sites offer a mobile version of their site, we have completed a detailed review of each one and have a separate, dedicated section to mobile site review.

Our betting site reviews also highlight the sites that offer mobile betting apps. 


What is the minimum deposit amount?

There is not a set industry minimum when depositing into your player account, it will vary from site to site.  Our in-depth review pages highlight the minimum deposit as well as maximum withdrawal for each cricket website. 

How soon can I place a bet after I make a deposit?

If you use an ewallet such as Neteller or Skrill, the deposit processing time is typically instant – so your funds should be available immediately. 

When using Bitcoin to deposit, typically the funds are available instantly to bet on a cricket match. 

Bank transfer deposit option is sometimes instant, but depending on which site, could can take anywhere from 3-7 business days. 

What is the best deposit option for sports gambling?

As we advised earlier, we like to use either an e-wallet like Neteller or actually Bitcoin. E-wallets are very useful if betting in India or Bangladesh as credit cards may be hard to use. 

Is it safe to bet on cricket online?

Yes, it is safe to bet cricket online – we have detailed reviews on each site and we noted all the pros and cons offered by each.  Our trusted sites are all licensed and offer the latest verification protocols & SSL encryption for player security and provide a safe betting experience. 

Do I need to be a cricket expert in order to bet?

While it does help to know a lot about cricket when betting, it’s not a requirement – if you use our site’s resources you will be in good shape to have fun betting on cricket and possibly make some money too.