Bitcoin Betting – BTC Deposit Review

The Bitcoin banking option is one of our recommended deposit and withdrawal methods. Betcoin deposit option is one of the fastest growing methods to bet cricket online.

Our recommended online cricket betting sites that accept the Bitcoin banking option, allows for an instant deposit and withdrawal method.  Bitcoin betting is quickly becoming one of the most popular deposit options to bet cricket online. 

Bitcoin began in 2009 and has since grown to a market cap of over 7 million. Being a new currency, its price has fluctuated considerably, but it is finding more stability over longer periods of time with an increase in its adoption.

What is Bitcoin?

In simple terms it is a digital currency. Each unit of bitcoin is stored as an encrypted code. All transactions and balances are verified using a synchronized ledger that is shared by everyone who uses bitcoin.

The wallet software synchronizes for you, so you don’t have to do anything or think about it.

Each transaction is verified using a process known as ‘mining’.

This process is crowd-sourced by people all over the world using powerful processing power that solve mathematical problems to verify the transaction and earn a small reward for each problem solved.

After enough of these pieces of information are solved and verified, a transaction is completed. Each bitcoin transaction is recorded in a public general ledger; however names of sellers and buyers are not given. The only link to the buyers and sellers are their wallet IDs.

As the popularity of Bitcoin increases, more betting sites are recognizing an opportunity in offering BTC as a deposit method. We are constantly watching for new sites accepting the currency, we will update our list as we find sites we are comfortable recommending.

Best Bitcoin cricket betting sites


  • Accepts Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Accepts INR (₹)

New Customers Only. 18+. T&Cs Apply


Countries Accepted:
UK, India

Currencies Accepted:

Deposit Options:


10cric cricket india
  • ONLY accepts Indian customers
  • Our favorite cricket betting site for India
  • Accepts Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Accepts INR (₹)
  • Excellent cricket betting options

New Customers Only. 18+. T&Cs Apply


Countries Accepted:
India ONLY

Currencies Accepted:

Deposit Options:

How to Deposit at Bitcoin Betting Sites?

If you are not familiar with Bitcoin, you may want to see our pages explaining what Bitcoin is and how to use it. However, in simple form, this is how depositing works at BTC betting sites.

  1. Request a sending address from your preferred bitcoin betting site. It will be a long alpha numeric address that will look something like this: 1EFgJf8F384dro29ryx3R8TGxy9P1FJPis.
  2. Send the appropriate amount of BTC to the address.
  3. Depending on the site, it will either appear in your dedicated “account” associated with an email or something similar, or it will simply appear for a single bet or session.
  4. Once the funds register in your account or session, begin placing your bets.

How to Withdrawal at Bitcoin Betting Sites?

In your player account, you will need to designate a receiving address and request a withdrawal.

In most cases, bitcoin withdraws occur fairly quickly.

Where can I Buy Bitcoins?

The most popular online exchange is

It is what we use and recommend for others. Once you buy the bitcoin, you can either keep them on the Coinbase wallet, transfer them to a bitcoin betting site, or transfer them to your own wallet on your hard drive.

What Others are saying about Bitcoin Deposit Option?

“Easy choice for funding cricket betting sites. I’ve had Bitcoin for about 4 years now and I’m glad to see more bitcoin betting sites out there.” – Reddit User Comment 2019

“Bitcoin is the currency of the future, very easy to deposit and withdrawal when betting online.”
–Reddit User Comment 2019

Bitcoin FAQ

Can you bet from India by using Bitcoin?

Yes, we recommend several cricket betting sites that offer bitcoin as a deposit option. 

What betting sites accept Bitcoin? 

Currently we recommend Bodog, 10Cric, and 22Bet for bitcoin betting. 

Is Bitcoin deposit option good for beginners? 

Bitcoin started over 10 years ago and it’s been a volatile currency, however it has great benefits of being an easy, fast, and accepted deposit option for cricket betting. We’d recommend either Bitcoin or Neteller for beginners.  

We feel they are a great banking option for beginners to bet online. 

Is Bitcoin a safe banking option? 

Yes, Bitcoin is a safe banking method for deposit and withdraw.