Live Cricket Betting – How to Bet In Play Cricket

Live cricket betting (also known as In-Play betting) has quickly grown in popularity. Cricket betting on its own is extremely exciting, but adding the ability to place bets throughout the match makes it even better! This guide is to help you find the best live cricket betting sites, as well as explain how it works.

Let’s get started with the best sites for live cricket betting. We recommend these sites for their high level of trust and great live cricket betting options.

Best Live Cricket Betting Sites


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  • Our favorite overall cricket betting site
  • Best site for Bangladesh
  • Accepts Indian Rupees (₹)
  • Excellent cricket betting options 

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Countries Accepted:
UK, India

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  • Accepts Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Accepts Indian Rupees (₹)
  • Not the best cricket betting options

New Customers Only. 18+. T&Cs Apply


Countries Accepted:
UK, India

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10cric cricket india
  • ONLY accepts Indian customers
  • Our favorite cricket betting site for India
  • Accepts Indian Rupees (₹)
  • Excellent cricket betting options

New Customers Only. 18+. T&Cs Apply


Countries Accepted:
India ONLY

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Cricket Live Betting Markets

There are many live online betting markets for cricket including match winner, runs scored per over, runs scored by a batter, method of dismissal and more. The markets available on a particular match will vary depending on which site you are using and the popularity of a given match. Generally, the more popular a match, the more live markets are available.

Match Winner

This is simply a bet on who will win the match. The odds change during the match depending on how well each team is doing.

Team X Over Runs

Team = team name. X=over number. Runs = total runs for that over. This is an over/under bet that allows you to bet over or under a fixed number of runs.

Example: USA 30th Over Runs (4.5) allows you to bet odds on whether the number of runs scored by USA will be more (over) or less (under) than 4.5 runs in the 30th over. If you bet the under, you want USA to score 4 or less. If you bet the Over, you want USA to score 5 or more.

Team Fall of X Wicket – X Overs

Team = team name. X Wicket = wicket number. X Overs = total number of overs. This is odds on an over/under bet on the number of runs scored by a particular team before the fall of the X wicket.

Example: USA Fall of 5th Wicket – 47 Overs (156.5). This is an over/under bet on how many runs USA will score before the 5th wicket falls.

Batter Total Runs – X Overs

Batter = Batter Name. X Overs = total number of overs. This is an over/under bet on how many runs that batter will score in the number of X overs.

Example: Aaron Jones Total Runs – 47 Overs (74.5) is odds on whether Aaron Jones will score more or less than 74.5 runs in 47 total overs.

Team Method of X Dismissal

Team = team name. X Dismissal = number of dismissal. This is odds on how the 5th dismissal will occur for the given team. You will find odds for:

  • Fielder Catch
  • Bowled
  • Keeper Catch
  • LBW
  • Run Out
  • Stumped
  • Other

Live Cricket Betting Tips

If you are new to live cricket betting, we recommend the following tips when it comes to betting on cricket live.

  • Never bet more than you can afford to lose. You will find this tip throughout our site. We are strong advocates of responsible betting. Whether you are betting for fun or trying to become a professional punter, it is important to stay within your means. Betting more than you can afford to lose is irresponsible of professional bettors, and it takes the fun away from recreational betting.
  • Use multiple betting sites. You will find different betting markets and cricket matches depending on the sites. Some sites specialize in particular regions, and some will simply offer more markets on particular markets. To make the most of your betting options, we recommend creating accounts a 2 or 3 cricket sites to give you the most variety. This is a good tip in general for those who want to bet on cricket.
  • Start slow. Betting on cricket live can be fast paced. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement and lose focus on how much you are wagering. It is best to start off slow and placing only a few bets. Otherwise, watch how the cricket betting odds and betting options change. Take time to get familiar with it. As you gain confidence, you will be able to focus your mental energy on making smart bets, rather than learning how it works.

Live Streaming Options

While you can bet on live cricket without watching the match using online live updates or audio broadcasts, watching the match live certainly makes the live betting experience much more enjoyable. Fortunately, there are several options available if TV isn’t an option.

SonyLive App: They are a bigger name in entertainment and offer cricket tournaments for free. There are ads on the app, but is is a solid option.

You can download their app in iTunes and the Google Play Store. Or visit their site at

Hotstar App: Free live streaming app. They offer a good selection for bigger tournaments and matches. There are ads on their service and broadcasting is subject to a 5 min delay (which makes it less useful for live betting).

It is ONLY free to Indian customers. Otherwise a $9.99 fee will apply.

You can download their app in iTunes and the Google Play Store. Or visit their site at

Bet365 Live Stream: They offer live streams of select matches, however, there are some regional restrictions depending on the game. Also, you have money in your betting account or have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

See our full review of Bet365.

Live Cricket Betting FAQ

How can I bet on cricket in India?

Online cricket sites are a very popular way to bet on cricket from India. There are several regulated and licensed betting sites that accept players from India. See our India cricket guide for more information.

When it comes to depositing from India, we recommend using ewallets such as Neteller. Read more on our deposit options page.

Which site is best for cricket betting in India?

There are some highly reputable sites that accept customers from India. The best cricket site for India is 10Cric. They accept Indian Rupees and ONLY accept customers from India. They have a great selection of cricket betting options, including live cricket.

How do I bet on cricket match?

Betting on cricket is actually really easy. We have a full guide on how to bet on cricket matches. We cover how to sign up for an account, make a deposit, and place a bet.

What is BHAV in cricket betting?

Bhav is a term in India for odds. It is most common with street bookies. We recommend that you do not bet with street bookies. As we mention in an earlier question, it is best to use licensed and regulated online betting sites.